About Us

Learn about your local creators and those who really power the background of Weavers of Balance LLC. Meet the people who have stepped into this place of sacred plant work and see where they come from; find yourself within their history and stories.

Who is Ki?

I come from a background filled with the wonder of magic and natural power. When I think of my childhood I think of digging the dirt for owl pellets, snacking on sun-soaked berries and balancing on ancient plum limbs. I remember the hoots of the great horned owl that roosted in our back yard, and watching through the seasons as we tended to the garden plants. 

This, my sacred space, has been my reconnection with all that magic that I once called home. Plant work and transformation called my name over five years ago in the form of Green Witchcraft, and has been a practice that has all but consumed my life ever since. In many senses, it is this work that I attribute and credit for my own healing, my own transformation and my newfound happiness, inspiration and vitality in life. 

Disenchanted with spirituality and with religion after growing up within an organized religious structure, I struggled to find any ground after I rejected my birth religion. I thought this was simply "how it happened" as you got older; you lost the magic and the mystery that seemed so inherent behind life. 

Then, after a whirlwind of a three month road trip living out of a car, I found myself with a small collection of bagged herbs from Rosauers and a book about the Green Witchcraft way. A dear friend of mine had opened the door to this pathway for me and I had been captured by their world of foraging herbs in the forest, working with the spirit of the plants and making mouthwashes, gargles, salves and teas. I found within myself a strange peace and inspiration at witnessing the movement of nature around me. I found my child self in the plants littering the ground, in the curiosity surrounding each flower, and in the ways the beams of sun moved through the trees.

Fast forward several years, and here you find me: surrounded by the medicine of the mountains, the vibration of the songs caught on the wingtips of wind, the vibration of the Earth. From self study, intuition, and the great privilege to study with many others, I have grown my practice into what it is today. I have had the great opportunity to study down in Peru during two different retreats; this sacred space is where I honor much of my sound and vibrational healing as coming from. Working as an independent contractor in conjunction with Natural Law Apothecary has accelerated my healing knowledge by leaps and bounds.

My biggest teachers, first and foremost, are the plants. I learn from the whispers of flowers as I walk the mountainside, from the ways that leaves sing to me and branches reach down to share their stories. The spirits of these plants are highly unique and carry deep wisdom from the source of creation; I follow their messages and carry their medicine with the deepest humbleness. I am an ambassador for the plants; especially for some of our plants that are overlooked or forgotten, on our own mountainsides.

Join my path to join a path of reconnection with wonder, play, child joy and magic. Join my path for one of learning through intuition and passion; to learn from some of our most basic teachers of rocks, trees, streams and clouds. Join my path to paint with the colors of visions and dreams, to sing and dance with the heartbeat of the Earth.

I am just moving through my 24th year, I use gender neutral (they/them) pronouns, and have been born and raised surrounding the Salt Lake Valley.

I am an artist, playful with colors and a painter at heart. I love to paint my visions, paint the plants, and discover the world through artistic expression.

I am a dancer, expressive through movement and wildness, poetry incarnate within the wind.

I am a maker, tinkering with my hands to build amulets, books, anything that I may create. 

I am a musician, a singer, a drummer, a creator of sacred space through sound. I am transformation through sound.

I am a plant person; I work with leaves and flowers and barks and roots. I dig my hands into the earth and refine the medicine within, co-create with it. I listen to the foods to eat, the teas to brew in sunlight, the alchemy to embody and the sacred secrets behind our physical universe.

I am transformation in action; I am here for healing, for growth, for consciousness. I am here for balance. I am here to support energy moving with the best intention for all, with respect to all else.

I am Ki, Shika, Sierva, Wrong Foot Right Sock; Friend.