Events and Education

 We are happy to support the community with many group events. Sound Baths supported by Cacao, Integration Ceremonies, Herbal Classes and more are all within our regular offerings.

Sound Baths 

The power of sound, vibration and music are considered to be amazing healing tools. We work with old healing songs, icaros, and vibrational tones to facilitate a meditative experience. Taking time to drop in with the sound healing is therapeutic for your being. Not only does it give time for relaxation and tension release, but taking time for meditation and healing vibration can be good for emotional discomfort and processing.

Ki works with flutes, drums, rattles, chimes and more to facilitate a moving and healing container for your journey. Singing has been part of Ki's life for as long as they can remember; music has always been an opener to spiritual experience and emotional release. Pulling from experience throughout life, ceremonial helping, South American medicine, Wheel of the Year ceremonies and more, this musical experience will blow you away.

Jade provides an amazing support musically and with their powerful medicine making. Ceremonial Cacao is our medicine of choice for the sound experience, and is a powerful heart opening, uplifting medicine. Our Cacao preserves all the oils and fats within the brew and is blended beautifully with coconut milk and a powerful herb blend including turmeric and velvet bean. This creates a deep, smooth, chocolaty blend that uplifts the mood, deepens meditation, opens the heart and inspires intuition. We source our cacao from Blue Frog Cacao in Salt Lake City. Made from organic beans straight from Guatemala, we work hard to make sure the ingredients we use are well sourced and high quality. 

Our sound baths generally range between $15 - $25 sliding scale, with the exception of some venues.

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Whether you're interested in a deep dive or just to dip your toes in, we welcome you to the realm of herbal learning! Check out some of our options and upcoming dates; be sure to contact us if you'd like to reserve a spot!

Herbal Classes - Locally Based Focus

Drop in for classes that last one to two hours and explore some basics about herbalism. We focus on some of our local Utah wildlife and the uses of the plants in our mountains. In these sessions we will go over several uses of basic plants, simple preparations and ratios, as well as how to work with ailments in the body. 

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Foraging Walks and Classes

Our foraging walks are perfect for individuals that want to get out with their hands in the Earth. Come join us in a walk up the canyons to find and identify several species of local plants for your own practice! We go over sacred harvesting practices, times of year to harvest, sustainable and ethical practices of foraging, stewarding patches of plants, and more. Join us to learn more about your local plants today!


Specialty Classes

Occasionally we host very specifically based classes with a more focused approach. Poison plants, feminine reproductive herbs, green witchcraft classes and more have come into our space. Keep an eye out for specialty interests to see what you can dive into!


Herbal Intensive - Deep Dive

For those who are interested in building a powerful foundation to work on herbalism, this is your best choice. A nine hour course spread over 3 days, this program provides a weekend community to build conversation and continue learning. Centered around Salt Lake City, we announce the exact meeting locations within the week.

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Day 1: Concepts - We cover many of the background concepts behind herbalism, tools used for the trade, and several cultural medicines. We discuss the overlay of physical, spiritual and emotional bodies, and how this can inform our practice of herbalism. Diving into other concepts like Witchcraft, Ayurveda, and Shamanism, we cover much of the history and development of herbal medicine.

Day 2: Foraging - Our favorite days to spend with our students! This day we get to explore the local canyons and local wildlife. We explore the difference between local and imported plants, sustainability practices, and learning to know your land. You will get the chance to learn about sacred harvesting practices, sustainable harvesting, best times to harvest and more. With our final time in the mountains we will identify some of the local plants and their uses, and even get the chance to harvest them!

Day 3: Preparations and Actions - Finally, we will wrap together the knowledge from the weekend in one final day. Taking some time to explore infusions, decoctions, salve ratios and tincture ratios, you will get step by step guides to make your own medicine at home! We will also go over herbal actions and applications. Finally, we will go over several basic herbs and their applications.

$175 per spot

$50 herbal take home package (optional)

$50 tool package

Refer a friend and each of you get $25 off!