Juniper Berry - Juniperus - ENS

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Planet: Jupiter and saturn

Element: Fire

Deities: Apollo, Asherah and Astarte

Energetics: Uplifting, cleansing, clearing, clarifying, strengthening, introspective and meditative

Chakra: Root and Sacral

Juniper, also called needle yew, bastard killer, and fairy circle, is a plant sacred to many cultures within the northern hemisphere. Often used as a repellent for dark spirits, and used throughout Central and Eastern Europe as a way to keep witches away as well as purify and bless sacrifices and ritual objects. The essence of the berry has often been used in love spells and potions.. Being an essential staple to natural medicine, Juniper berries are a strong antibacterial and serve as a natural birth control in high doses, they also are a fantastic support for all over health, Juniper Berry will help protect against chronic conditions such as heart and neurodegenerative diseases. Some of the monoterpenes within the volatile oils have been found to provide anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties. May support diabetic conditions and heart health. Not for constant use; do not use it if you have weak kidneys.