Queen Mab's Sensual Play Box

Queen Mab's Sensual Play Box

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We at Weavers of Balance are delighted to offer you this sensual play kit. Dedicated for sexual magic and sensual connection, this box is here to help you liberate and enliven your sexual practice. With sexual magic and healing, intent is of the utmost importance. Set up your spaces with your intent in mind; take your time, slip into the space slowly and with sensitivity. As always, blessed be and take care.


Weavers of Balance

Nymphs and Satyrs Flying Ointment 

For external use only. See information card for ingredients, warnings, and description. A delightfully crafted blend dedicated to Pan, we hope this ointment supports you in your sexual endeavors.

Manna of Eros Perfume/Cologne 

External Use Only

Based on an incense used in ancient Greco-egyptian rites dedicated to Eros called Sword Of Dardanos, which was developed roughly around 200 B.C.E. and can be found and read about further in "The Greek Magical Papyri In Translation". This fragrance is a tried and true spell in appeal to Eros and Aphrodite and in the spirit of their symbols and energies. We go through an intensive process to provide an extremely high quality fragrance. First, we take regal ingredients such as saffron, storax, frankincense as well as many others, then we macerate them and extract their essences through spirit. We filter out all solid particles and then imbue each bottle with magick in homage to Eros. The smell itself is intoxicating and rich, and has such a drawing appeal to it that makes it irresistible. Energetically, this fragrance is magnetic, and works as a spell for attraction and manifestation of love. It helps in assisting connection, and the warmth and sensuality of the smell provides a gentle yet effective aphrodisiac effect. We have gone through great lengths to provide a fragrance of this quality to others and are pleased to share the magick we have found and created with all.

7 Roots Spagyric

A mysterious blend of 7 plants from deep in the Amazon, this spagyric is a powerful aphrodisiac designed to awaken the senses and put us in touch with our bodies. Taken on the tongue, a few drops at a time, spagyrics are wonderfully gentle ways of working with plant blends, and can have some powerful physical and spiritual effects.

Yoni Egg

Yoni eggs are fantastic to use for the meditation on pleasure or within the vaginal canal. See the Yoni Egg paperwork to learn more about how these stones can be used and how they can support us. Obsidian is for powerful releases, shadow work, opening blocks and more, while Jade is softening, soothing, brings wisdom and love.

Aphrodisiac Tea

A tea blend dedicated towards sexual magic and pleasure for your practice! Enjoy a cup of this tea before your next session.